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Does Podcast Advertising Work?

The Simple Answer Is YES!

Podcasts are...


The average podcast listener is a millennial who is well-educated and has a high-paying job. These people no longer pay attention to older, more traditional marketing channels like the radio. They like quick, on-demand content that caters to their specific interests.


Podcast listeners don’t simply approve of ads; many find them memorable and motivating. That’s according to Podcast Playbook, published by Interactive Advertising Bureau. Data in that report indicated 67% of listeners could recall products and brands featured in podcast ads. Even better, 61% actually paid for a product or service they learned about on podcasts.


Podcast ads are capable of generating two to three times more engagement than radio ads.


Traditional marketing channels do not provide businesses with the same ROI (Return on Investment), which is why companies need to move on to newer channels to thrive.


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