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Laura Corn is the NYT Best-selling author of 101 Nights of Great Sex and the Sex Coach to the Stars!
If you've heard Laura then you know first-hand how good she is on the air. If you're not familiar with Laura, she is a media pro. She loves ("gets") the audio medium and is the author of 9 BEST SELLING TITLES - with cumulative sales of MORE THAN 4 MILLION books to date.

Laura in action on WDVE

The Book You DO,Not Read

"101 Nights of Great Sex" is truly a publishing phenomenon. Where books typically tend to die within a few years "101 Nights..." continues to sell - 25 years later! Its success is due to its unique format. Laura’s books are for couples to DO, not read. Her followers are drawn to the unique Secret Sealed Envelopes for each person to rip out and put into action —– an approach that promises fantasy, play and adventure. It's the original Fifty Shades of Grey without all the scary stuff. Find out why TWO MILLION couples are having better sex thanks to her book.... and how you and your listeners can join this group, and start having GREAT nights of sex .

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Custom-tailored approach

Laura has written 9 books on sex and intimacy, which she personally researched in her “test bedroom.” She has extensive experience talking love, sex, intimacy and relationships on national and local television, in print media, and -relentlessly- on radio as she has appeared on more than a thousand shows!

Topics, Topics, Topics

Secret Sexual SeductionsSexy Family FeudCouples Sessions

Possible Interview Topics

In addition to discussing the book, Laura is happy to discuss any/all of the following that YOU want to discuss.


    Breaking out of the COVID rut
    Laura has started a relationship with a much younger man
    How to introduce something new to your partner 


    Laura's formula for sexual success!
    This year's 3 HOTTEST sex trends
    The 7 words that will ignite their passion!
    3 moves that will blow her mind!


    Play a round of Sexy Family Feud
    Offer your listeners a chance to be counseled by Laura during the episode

"No one knows more about the art of seduction than Laura Corn."
Barbara Walters

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Gwyneth Paltrow got great results! “This is not just another sex book,” she raves. “101 NIGHTS OF GREAT SEX sounds simple, but the anticipation and mystery makes even the smallest gestures pretty thrilling.”

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"She's so good on the air, people call for weeks after she's left the building."
Ryan Seacrest

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Britney Spears keeps 101 NIGHTS on her nightstand.